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Media Appearances


The Megyn Kelly Show - 10th March 2023

'What Leaked "Lockdown Files" Reveal About COVID Regulations, with Journalist Isabel Oakeshott'


Good Morning Britain - 3rd March 2023

'Journalist Isabel Oakeshott explains what made her release the WhatsApp messages after she was initially positive about the job Matt Hancock had done.'


UnHerd - 8th March 2023

'UnHerd's Freddie Sayers meets journalist Isabel Oakeshott to discuss the Lockdown Files.'


The Telegraph - 4th March 2023

'Christopher Hope is joined by the woman with the Whatsapps, Isabel Oakeshott, and Investigations Editor Claire Newell, in the newsroom where it happened.'


Times Radio - 2nd March 2023

'Isabel Oakeshott has told Times Radio that it is "patently absurd" for Matt Hancock to suggest there is no public interest in the WhatsApp messages she leaked and said he's "making a fool of himself."'


Talk TV - March 2023

Since the story of the Lockdown Files broke, I have appeared multiple times on Talk TV.


BBC Any Questions - 24th February 2023


BBC Question Time - 8th December 2022

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